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About Sponsors

About Sponsors

Items Cost BenefitsĀ  &Ā  Additional Information


5500 EUR 14 SQM ExhibitionĀ  space

30 min talk at the congress program 4Ā  Exhibitor Registrations

4 InvitationsĀ  to theĀ  Dinner and lunches

Branding via Corporate Banner in each conference room.

1 full page color advertisement in theĀ  congressĀ  program book

Logo on theĀ  conference program cover

Full page company profileĀ  in theĀ  congress program 1 DelegateĀ  Bag Insert

Branding on Back Drop and recognition via logo duringĀ  conference inauguration

Branding on all offsite/onsite promotional material and signage Acknowledgement on the congress website

Gold Sponsorship: 3500 EUR 10Ā Ā  SQM Exhibition space

15 min talk at the congress program 2Ā  Exhibitor Registrations

2 InvitationsĀ  to theĀ  Dinner and lunches

1 full page color advertisement in the congress program bookĀ  (inside front)

1 DelegateĀ  Bag Insert

Acknowledgement on the congress website Branding on Back Drop and recognition via logo duringĀ  conference inauguration

Branding on all offsite/onsite promotional material and signage.

SilverĀ  Sponsorship: 2500 EUR 5Ā Ā  SQM Exhibition space

1Ā  Exhibitor Registrations

1 InvitationsĀ  to theĀ  Dinner and lunches

Half page company profile entry in the congress program

1 DelegateĀ  Bag Insert

Acknowledgement on the congress website Branding on Back Drop and

TermsĀ  and ConditionsĀ  of Contract:

1. If the Exhibitor fails to comply in any substantial respect with the terms of this agreement, the OrganizersĀ  shall haveĀ  theĀ  right to sell theĀ  space to another company.Ā  The Exhibitor, however, will be liable for any loss suffered by the Organizers thereby, and all monies paid by theĀ  Exhibitor hereunder shall be absolutely forfeited to the Organizers. If, in the event of the Exhibitor failing to occupy the said space by the advertised opening time of the show, the Organizers are authorized to occupy orĀ  cause the said space to beĀ  occupiedĀ  in such mannerĀ  as itĀ  may deem best in theĀ  interests of the Exhibition without refund to the said Exhibitor and without releasing the exhibitor from any liability hereunder.

2. No exhibitor shall erect any sign, stand wall, or obstruction, which in the opinion ofĀ  the Organizers interferes with an adjoining Exhibitor. Plans of the proposed exhibition stand must be supplied to theĀ  OrganizersĀ  for approval by theĀ  dateĀ  stipulated in theĀ  Exhibitor Manual.

3. All exhibitors shall be producers, importersĀ  orĀ  representativesĀ  for goodsĀ  and/orĀ  services displayed. No ExhibitorĀ  shall display on hisĀ  stand any advertisementĀ  forĀ  goodsĀ  manufactured and/or sold, or services provided by a non-Exhibitor unless written permission has been obtained from the organizers.

Dismantling the Exhibits ā€“ ExhibitsĀ  mustĀ  not beĀ  removed and displaysĀ  mustĀ  notĀ  beĀ  dismantled eitherĀ  partially orĀ  totally, beforeĀ  closing timeĀ  on theĀ  lastĀ  day ofĀ  theĀ  ExhibitionĀ  ā€“ AprilĀ  23, 2018. All exhibits and display material must be removed by the time indicated by the Organizers inĀ  theĀ  Exhibitor Manual.

4. Exhibitors shall comply with the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Organizers, the relevant Health and Fire Departments and withĀ  all relevantĀ  State Acts.

5. The Exhibitor will not damage any walls or floors or ceiling of the exhibition area in which the stand is located- by nails, screws, oil, and paint or by any other cause whatsoever. The Exhibitor guarantees to pay for the repair of any damage caused.

6. Exhibitors have thirty (30) daysĀ  in which to makeĀ  theirĀ  final payment when itĀ  fallsĀ  due.Ā  After this time, and only when payments have notĀ  been made, theĀ  stand will beĀ  availableĀ  for saleĀ  to another firm. All deposits paid to this stage will automatically beĀ  forfeited and no refund will be made, and no Exhibitor shall occupy his stand space in the Exhibition until all theĀ  payment owingĀ  to the Organizers by the ExhibitorĀ  isĀ  paidĀ  in full.

7. Exhibitorā€™s Liability ā€“ Every ExhibitorĀ  hereby accepts liability for all acts orĀ  omissionsĀ  by himself, hisĀ  servants, contractors, agentsĀ  and visitorsĀ  and undertakesĀ  to indemnify theĀ  Organizers and to keep them indemnified against all liability in respect thereof and against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims,Ā  demands, costsĀ  andĀ  expensesĀ  whatsoever, whichĀ  mayĀ  beĀ  takenĀ  orĀ  made against the Organizers or incurred orĀ  becomeĀ  payableĀ  by them.Ā  Arising thereĀ  from orĀ  inĀ  respect thereof including any claims arising out of theĀ  supply or demonstration by theĀ  ExhibitorĀ  of samplesĀ  of any kind whatsoever whether such samples beĀ  sold orĀ  given away free and including any legal costs and expenses and any compensation costs and disbursements paid by theĀ  organizersĀ  on the advice of Counsel to compromise or settle any such claims. Notwithstanding the indemnity hereby given, theĀ  ExhibitorĀ  undertakesĀ  to arrange appropriateĀ  third party liability insurance.

8. Insurance Liability ā€“ Neither theĀ  organizersĀ  norĀ  theĀ  organizer will beĀ  responsibleĀ  forĀ  theĀ  safety of any exhibit or property of any Exhibitor, or any other person, for the loss or damage of, or destruction to same, by theft or fire or any other cause whatsoever, or for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by theĀ  ExhibitorĀ  by reason ofĀ  any defect inĀ  theĀ  building caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightning, national emergency, war, labour disputes, strikes or lock outs, civil disturbances, explosion,Ā  inevitableĀ  accident, forceĀ  majeure, orĀ  any otherĀ  causeĀ  notĀ  within the control of the Organizers or for any loss or damage occasioned, if by reason of happenings of any such event, theĀ  opening ofĀ  theĀ  Exhibition isĀ  prevented orĀ  postponed orĀ  delayed orĀ  abandoned, or the building becomesĀ  wholly orĀ  partially unavailableĀ  forĀ  theĀ  holding ofĀ  theĀ  Exhibition.Ā  The Exhibitor agrees and undertakes to insure in their full replacement value the contents of theĀ  stand and all associated equipment and materials. The Exhibitor will produce proof ofĀ  coverageĀ  upon requestĀ  from the Organizers.

9. The Exhibitor is responsible for the safety of products and general display of the stand. During move-in and move-out period, material should not be leftĀ  unattended at any time.

10. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to leave the stand clean and tidy during the Exhibition and after moving out.

11. Cancellation of SpaceĀ  ā€“ In exceptional circumstancesĀ  theĀ  OrganizersĀ  will beĀ  prepared to consider cancellation of their Contract with Exhibitors, but only if the following conditions are complied with: (a) That the request for cancellation is submitted by registered post (b) That the request is received at least three months priorĀ  to theĀ  openingĀ  of theĀ  Exhibition.Ā  (c) That the Organizers are able to re-let the cancelled space in its entirety. (d)Ā  That the reason given forĀ  the request of the cancellationsĀ  is,Ā  in theĀ  opinion of theĀ  Organizers, well-founded.Ā  (e) That the Exhibitor agrees that the Organizers shall retain 25% of the contract price ifĀ  theĀ  cancellationĀ  is accepted more than six months before the Exhibition, 50%Ā  of the contract price if the cancellationĀ Ā Ā  is accepted between six and threeĀ  monthsĀ  beforeĀ  the exhibition and 100%Ā  ofĀ  theĀ  contract priceĀ  if theĀ  cancellationĀ  isĀ  accepted within three monthsĀ  of theĀ  opening of the Exhibition.