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Ramazan BAL

Ramazan BAL

Ramazan BAL

(Gaziantep, Turkey)

He was born in Kahramanmaras, which is in mid-southern Turkey on 1969. He graduated from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Firat, Elazig in 1992. He completed his PhD at the university of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1998 with a thesis entitled “Potassium Currents in identified Helix aspersa Neurones and in Rat Inferior Colliculus Neurones”

After conducting his postdoctoral studies in the Department of Physiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 3 years, he worked, first, at Mustafa Kemal  University in Antakya as an asistant Professor and then Firat University in Elazığ as an associate Professor.  He is currently employed at Gaziantep University as a full Profesor in the Department of Physiology.

He is studying biophysical properties and physiological significance of the ionic currents in neurons of inferior colliculus and cochlear nucleus, auditory nuclei, using patch clamp technique in vitro slice preparation. Particularly contribution of oxidative stress induced ion channels, TRPM2 and ATP-sensitive potassium channels (KATP). Recently he has been working on dissection of neural circuitry of the intercolliculus projections in the inferior colliculus, using optogenetics and elctrophysiological approaches.

Dr. Bal has 55 publications in international journals. His articles have received roughly 1000 citation by other articles.