(Genoa, Italy)


Degree in Medicine (1987), Specialist in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine (1991), Physical Doctor in Environmental and Food Toxicology (1995), Winner of the European Environmental Mutagen Society Award (1995).

Assistant- (1996), Associate- (2000), Full-Professor (2005) at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Genoa, Italy.

Responsible of the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory devoted to the study of chronic degenerative diseases at the Department of Health Sciences, University of Genoa, Italy.  Director of the Research Unit of Mutagenesis at the National Cancer Institute of Genoa, San Martino Hospital.

Author of 435 papers, of which 197 published in international reviewed journals accounting for a total Impact Factor of 718.73, H index 50, Total citations 7889.

Acting as reviewer for 75 International peer reviewed journals including Nature, Chief Editor of the journal MicroRNA.

Responsible of Research Projects supported by the following Institutions: National Cancer Institute USA, International Aicardi-Goutierès Syndrome Association, Italian Ministry of University and Research, Italian Ministry of Defence, European Community Project Cardioworkbench on cardiovascular diseases, Italian Association for Cancer Research, US Glaucoma Foundation, US MSD.

The research activity is mainly devoted to molecular medicine, prevention of chronic degenerative diseases (cancer, glaucoma, neurodegenerative diseases, atherosclerosis), development of chemopreventive drugs, study of gene environment interactions, human biomonitoring, microarray analysis at postgenomic level to study the expression of genes, microRNA, and proteins.

Main research interest is cancer chemoprevention and microRNA role in cancer pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.